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Some Benefits of Installing a Swamp Cooler

The conventional air conditioning system is a piece of refrigeration equipment. It circulates a chemical refrigerant blend between sets of coils, and as the refrigerant goes through a process of evaporation and condensation, it moves heat from inside the home to the outside.

This type of cooling system isn’t the only way to provide comfortable temperatures for a home. You might decide on the installation of a swamp cooler (also called an evaporative cooler). These air conditioners don’t use refrigerant, but instead draw air through them and across damp pads, where the warm air loses heat to the water. It’s the same cooling effect you feel from a breeze that blows across a lake.

How a swamp cooler can benefit you

Why consider a swamp cooler? There are a couple of reasons:

  • It can save you money: It’s usually less expensive to use evaporative cooling than refrigerated cooling, since a swamp cooler only draws electrical power to run the fans and the pumps that keep the pads wet. There’s no energy-draining compressor. How much you’ll save depends on climate and local utility costs.
  • It helps with humidity balance: If your home suffers from dry air during the summer—a common problem—a swamp cooler will help because it adds moisture into the air as it enters your home.
  • Environmentally beneficial: Swamp coolers use a natural process that does not release any harmful chemical into the air.
  • It can improve indoor air quality: A swamp cooler brings in fresh air from the outside, something that refrigerated air conditioners don’t do. The stale air inside will be replaced, helping to make your home a healthier place.

However, a swamp cooler is not ideal for all houses, and you should never make the decision to have on installed without first consulting with professionals.

Payless Plumbing, Heating & Drain Cleaning provides swamp cooler installation in Arvada, CO and throughout Denver Metro. Call us today to find out if a swamp cooler is right for your home.

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